Explore paradise!

The ultimate guide to enjoying safe tropical vacations at Puerto Princesa!
Explore paradise!

The ultimate guide to enjoying safe tropical vacations at Puerto Princesa!

Traveling to Palawan: A Guide

Heading to the beautiful island of Palawan? Here are the step-by-step guidelines that you should follow for a safe and stress-free trip:

1. Book your plane tickets.

Make sure to book your flight ahead of time to secure your seat and avoid any trouble. Puerto Princesa Airport (PPS) is the main gateway to Palawan.

2. Make a hotel reservation.

You may book your room in Astoria Palawan through this website. Just add your check-in details in the header above and click ``Book Now.`` You may also send our Reservations Office a message via email at reservations@astoriapalawan.com.

3. Ready your documents.

Guests are required to bring their valid IDs and proof of hotel booking.

Checking-in at Astoria Palawan

Retreat to paradise through these easy steps!

1. Upon arrival at Astoria Palawan, you will be endorsed to the security guard for initial inspection.

2. You will then be accommodated by our guest service agent (GSA) for check-in. Once our GSA has confirmed your booking, your baggage will be taken by the bellman inside your room, if need be.

3. A la carte offers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner are available for in-room and dine-in services. To know more about our in-room services, kindly refer to the guidelines below.

Final Reminders: Travel and Check-in Requirements

To ensure a fun and trouble-free holiday, please secure the following requirements and information:

1. Maintenance fee (for members of Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc. or AVLCI and Stellar Vacation Club)

2. Reservation fee (for members of Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc. or AVLCI whose home resort is Astoria Plaza)

3. Complete details of guests

4. Flight details and time of arrival

5. Copy of valid ID of each guest

6. Airport transfer details (if applicable). Please send your bank slip or proof of payment for verification.

List of requirements to be presented at the airport:

1. A valid ID of each guest

2. A copy of your booking confirmation

Reminder to bring a face mask, too!

Safe Adventures Await at Astoria Palawan

Your well-being is our top priority here in Astoria Palawan. So, to keep COVID-19 at bay, we strictly adhere to these safety guidelines mandated by the Department of Health and Department of Tourism:

1. Our Fearless Frontliners sanitize each area of the resort using medical-grade solutions and state-of-the-art disinfecting equipment, such as UV light machines and steam vacuums, to kill viruses and bacteria. Even our vans are kept spick and span.

2. All high contact points, such as doorknobs, are cleaned regularly.

3. All employees are subjected to regular rapid tests, and are required to wear face masks, acetate face shields, and gloves. Guests are also asked to wear face masks and face shields for extra protection.

4. Safety signages and markers are placed in common areas of the resort. New Normal guidelines are also displayed on the TV screens.

5. Temperature checks are being carried out by our security personnel prior to entry of all employees and guests. Everyone is also asked to sanitize the sole of their shoes using our disinfecting foot mats.

6. Our highly disciplined staff strictly follow and implement social distancing protocols.

7. We placed ethyl alcohol bottles and dispensers in the most crowded areas of the resort.

In-Room Service

1. Once the guests have settled inside their room, they may give their orders to our outlet manager or service staff by pressing the “In-Room Dining” button. The printed QR codes of the In-Room Dining Menu, as well as the Breakfast Menu and All-Day Dining Menu, are placed in the room for scanning. Guests are highly encouraged to settle their payment through cashless transactions (GCash or room charge).

2. As soon as the dishes and utensils are complete, the staff will inform the guests that their orders are ready to be served.

3. All orders, as well as the bill for signature, which is placed in the bill basket, will be served using a service tray.

4. A service staff wearing a face mask will then deliver the food to the guests’ room.