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Exciting Water Adventures Await at Palawan Waterpark By Astoria!

Planning your out-of-town trip with family? You just clicked on the right blog! If you are still thinking about where the perfect destination is, you should go to Astoria Palawan, the beautiful 8-hectare resort in Puerto Princesa. Aside from its premium amenities and gastronomic island specialties, what makes this place unique is its 1-hectare Palawan Waterpark By Astoria, the largest waterpark in Puerto Princesa that is situated within the resort itself. Designed with different vibrant attractions, Palawan Waterpark By Astoria is meant to bring remarkable aquatic adventures you will forever treasure with kids! Discover what we have in store for you in this splashtastic playground by reading the rest of the article below:

Velocity & Vortex Water Slides

Longing for an adrenaline rush and memorable thrilling experiences? We dare you to try our Velocity & Vortex Water Slides with the squad! Enjoy the unforgettable excitement as you all zoom down our extreme water slides. Foam mats are provided by our friendly staff for your convenience. Also, just a reminder that these colorful attractions are not allowed for kids who are under 4 feet for safety purposes.

Surf’s Up Pool

Catch the waves as you take an exhilarating dip in our Surf’s Up Pool! The depth of this pool is 5 feet but, don’t worry! We have colorful floaters available for both kids and kids-at-heart, so whether you are an adventure-seeker or not, you can still enjoy this aquatic feature together with your loved ones. How awesome, right?

Tumbling Buckets Zone

If you are the type of person who is not into extremes and prefers a less intense kind of water slide experience, then go for our Tumbling Buckets Zone. Built with multiple mini slides and a giant dumping bucket, this 2-feet aquatic attraction is perfect for a more relaxed yet fun quality bonding time with your children.

St. Paul River Ride

An even more relaxing aquatic feature in Palawan Waterpark By Astoria is the St. Paul River Ride. Here, you will be asked to sit on a colorful floater to fully experience the calm flow of the river while reconnecting with nature and having peaceful conversations with your family. This is also a perfect place for your soul-searching moments.

Marine Sanctuary

We know how important it is to make fun and captivating memories with your little ones, so we created gigantic sea statues for your picture-perfect moments, too! Feel free to explore or run around our marine friends and make them your backdrops for your stunning photos and videos.

Batak Misters

Aside from our big sea statues, we also have the colorful and tall human tribe figures called “Batak Misters”. Be ready to pose beside or under them for that playful picture-taking experience with your favorite people. Amazing, indeed!

Palawan Waterpark By Astoria is open every day from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Checked-in guests of Astoria Palawan have free one-time access to the waterpark while walk-in guests must pay the entrance fee, based on their age bracket. Feeling hungry during or after your waterpark journey? Of course, food kiosks are also available to satisfy everyone’s cravings.

Looking for special deals and discounts? By becoming a member of the leading vacation club in the Philippines – Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc. (AVLCI), you can enjoy free one-time access or unlimited access to the waterpark! Just beware of fake timeshare companies that only aim to victimize people with their vacation club scam or timeshare scam schemes. To avoid this, directly get in touch with the AVLCI team at

What are you waiting for? Embark on an extraordinary aquatic journey with us today!

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