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7 Non-Traditional Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Are you looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift for your SO this year? Ideally, you would want to give your partner something new, unique, and valuable. It is tempting to buy general gifts like flowers, chocolates, cards, and food. Despite those material gifts being useful, people usually already have them at their disposal. Of course, we only want the best for our loved ones, so take note of these seven non-traditional gifts we listed down below:

1. Holiday vacation

One of the best gifts you could give your loved one is a memorable life experience, and what better way to do so than by taking them on a superb holiday vacation? Book our resort in Puerto Princesa, for the ultimate vacation experience. There are a lot of fun activities to do and places to explore. In the morning, you have the option to go for aquatic adventures at Palawan Waterpark By Astoria, and at night, you and your sweetie can unwind by sipping on your favorite drinks and enjoying DJ’s live music at our restaurant bar – Halo Dome. You can also arrange for a romantic candlelit dinner on the beach, just for the two of you! Just ask our friendly staff and they can prepare a Valentine’s Day feast to remember. Ready your camera and be sure to capture every moment for your Instagram feed!

2. Delectable buffet

Take your vacation in our hotel in Palawan up a notch by treating your bae to a sumptuous lunch or dinner buffet at The Reserve. Make sure to dine al fresco if you want the pristine pool or beach as your view or eat indoors for a more relaxed ambiance. The Reserve’s nature-inspired interior makes for a cozy gastronomic experience, while the different cuisines cooked by our trained chefs will surely prepare your sweetie for a romantic day together of exploring the island.

3. Relaxing massage

No vacation is complete without getting yourself and your partner a relaxing treatment! After going on fun-filled activities, it is a must to end your day with a relaxing couple massage. Our resort offers different options, such as foot scrub, hilot ginhawa, and hilot hilom. So, make sure to visit Spa-tify and pamper yourselves with a well-deserved therapeutic massage.

4. Travel membership

Now that travel restrictions have been lifted, almost everyone is ready to go somewhere! If you want an extraordinary gift that can be enjoyed for up to 30 years, then check out Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Incorporated (AVLCI) via Being a member gives you and your loved one the privilege to stay in luxurious, comfortable, and gorgeous hotels in the Philippines and around the world. It is a duly registered entity at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), unlike those rampant vacation club scams. Know what the members are saying by reading the club Astoria reviews!

5. Low-maintenance plants

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Having house or office plants makes us feel comfortable and can even lift our mood. Aside from being amazing decorations, they also clean and purify the air. Two low-maintenance plants that you can easily buy are snake plants and pothos. They are tolerant to low light and infrequent watering schedules which make them easy to take care of. Tie a red ribbon and a cute heart-shaped stuffed toy to your love plants to give your sweetie a much-needed reminder of you during work breaks.

6. Quality pillow and bed sheet

If you are indecisive about what gift to buy someone, then a pillow and bed sheet are sensible options. People spend around 8 hours every evening sleeping and a good night’s rest is valuable. These are useful items for everyone because having a good pillow and bed sheet means better sleep. Your better half will surely appreciate spending restful nights with you during Valentine’s Day with fresh and comfy linens and pillows. We all know that having quality rest is important after spending time together as a couple, and it means being able to greet the next day together with energy and enthusiasm.

7. Non-stick pan

Photo by anniespratt

Who doesn’t love perfectly cooked specialties, especially this love month? The way to your lover’s heart is through his or her stomach, so if your bae enjoys cooking or is someone who needs a cookware upgrade, then a non-stick pan is the most useful and romantic gift for everyday use. It deserves a place in every kitchen for its unbeatable ability to keep food from sticking to its surface. You and your better half can whip up romantic meals together not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day of the year!

Valentine’s Day is one of the few occasions where we give presents to surprise and delight the person we love. It is hard to buy a gift for someone who either seems to already own everything or who is too shy to say what he or she wants. But we are confident that your recipient will enjoy the material and non-material V-day gift ideas we have prepared!

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