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Checklist Items to Tick Off Before Your Event at This Venue in Palawan

Feeling rushed? Unsure which tasks need to be prioritized as the event draws nearer? Overwhelmed by the nitty-gritty details? Don’t worry, we have a nifty checklist ready for you!

Creating events, whether big or small, requires the utmost attention and intricate planning from start to finish. It is essential to have a final walk-through to make sure that factors like traffic flow, missing décor, and key places of interest such as the stage, podium, bar, tech equipment, and software are all in sync.

That’s why it is great to have a checklist to consult before the big day. Listed below are a few key points to remember when planning an event.

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Finalization of Collaterals

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This step ensures that all the collaterals needed for the event are already ready and in place. It includes the program flow and scripts, audio and video files, posters, banners, signages, brochures, leaflets, etc. 

Attendance and Registration

Having a name roster helps determine the number of attendees, creating a smooth check-in experience and allowing for effective management of event traffic and seating arrangements. Plus, the registration data serves as a reference in case of discrepancies between collaterals or food service requirements.


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This item on the list ensures that attendees have convenient access to parking spaces for a seamless arrival at the event. It also ensures that guests can easily navigate entering and exiting the parking lot, especially if their parking tickets are already pre-validated.

Technical Equipment

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This task verifies that all necessary technical equipment needed for the event, such as audiovisual systems or projectors, software, lapel mics, and so on are set up and functioning properly.


It’s essential to stay informed about the status of the food to be served to guests. Guaranteeing everything is in order includes confirming the appropriate quantity of food for the guests and being aware of any dietary restrictions or allergies.

Contact Person Should Be on Call

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This measure ensures that there is a designated individual whom attendees can contact to address any last-minute issues or emergencies that may happen before, during, or after the event.

With all these items to tick off before the event, having a reliable events venue partner like Mangrove Conference & Convention Center By Astoria is invaluable. When you choose this venue in Puerto Princesa, you not only gain access to a fantastic venue but also access to Astoria’s catering services, its hospitable staff, and versatile venue. As a result, your event is guaranteed to be a success!

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