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Photography Tips to Try on Your Next Holiday Vacation at Astoria Palawan

You are finally going on that holiday vacation you’ve all been dreaming about, and you are suddenly appointed as the official photographer. It seems exciting at first, but you are gripped with a little sense of dread knowing that everyone in the family or group of friends has his or her own quirk about how photos should be taken. Worry not, because we have prepared a few photography tips that you may find useful during your exciting tropical vacay in this fantastic resort in Puerto Princesa, Astoria Palawan!

  • Choosing the Right Gear and the Right Settings.

It is always good to know which gear you should use. Don’t limit yourself with DSLR cameras or digicams. Mind you, your phone can be as useful as the aforementioned. It only depends on your requirements. Do you have a big family? Then you either need a wide-angle lens for your DSLR or a phone with a good panoramic lens.

When it comes to settings, your brightness and contrast will depend on where you are taking the photo. For instance, you will need to adjust accordingly whether you are at the beach or inside a hotel’s restaurant.

And before we forget, do bring with you a sturdy tripod or selfie stick because we are sure you’d want to be in the photo too!

  • X Marks the (Perfect) Spot!
Photo by Patrick Aquino

Here’s the fun part: explore the surroundings of the resort you are staying at. If it has a nice beach view, make sure to capture a glimpse of it in your shot. If the resort has a big waterpark, have the kids run around and use the slides and pools as their background!

  • Tell Them What To Do.
Photo by @nicolefebre

Since you are taking the photo, feel free to direct your family members and friends on how and where they should pose. Do away with the standard “cheese!” shots and remember that natural smiles or spontaneous fun poses will always be the best! Unless you are using a film camera, it’s good to experiment with poses both staged and candidly “stolen” so you can frame that perfect shot!

You don’t always have to be original. Log on to Instagram and check out photos that you can copy and apply them to your own photo set! To start you off, try typing in #AstoriaPalawan for picturesque beach and pool shots! Who knows? You may become our next IG influencers!

We hope we covered enough of the basics to help you get that Instagram-worthy shot! Ready those cameras and book your holiday accommodation in Puerto Princesa, Palawan at today!

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