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Traveling During COVID-19: 4 Ways to Have a Safe Vacation

The past few months have definitely caused a lot of worry and stress in all of us. Aside from cancelled flights and rebooked trips, everything that has happened around the globe has gotten us all thinking – can we still enjoy our next getaways? Is it still possible to have fun without being scared or paranoid? How exactly can we stay safe?

Fret not! We have gathered some of the most effective tips that we could find so we could create this helpful guide for all of you! If you follow these easy-peasy tips, we can assure you that your next holidays in Astoria Palawan, the perfect hotel in Puerto Princesa, will still be as fun as you imagined them to be!

  • Practice proper handwashing.

This is one of the most vital tips that we should all practice, whether or not there is a global health crisis. It is not just something you should consider as a routine, but it should actually be a part of your hygiene and lifestyle. When washing your hands, always remember to use an anti-bacterial soap, lather it onto your palms, fingers, nails, wrists, and the back of your hands, scrub for 20 seconds or more, and rinse thoroughly.

  • Always bring your own bottle of alcohol and/or sanitizer.

When travelling, there might not be a lot of chances for you to have proper access to a restroom or a sink where you can wash your hands. But the good news is, your handy bottle of alcohol or sanitizer is still as good in fighting off dirt and bacteria! Always remember to bring one everywhere with you, because a spray or two can go a really long way!

  • Wear face masks.

Face masks may not sound very ideal when taking Instagram-worthy shots, but just like they always say, it is better to be safe than sorry! At this point, you can never be too careful, especially when you are roaming around outdoors. So, if you are worried about your face mask ruining your OOTD, then just choose a stylish one with cute colors or interesting patterns.

  • Be mindful of your belongings.

Did you know that pickpockets and thieves are rampant especially in famous tourist spots? So, whether you’re traveling locally or abroad, we suggest you use anti-theft or slash-proof bags. Furthermore, place your cards, money, and other valuables in one place close to your body, so you can check on them easily. It’s better to be extra mindful of your belongings, especially since chances of incidents like these are a bit higher now with a global pandemic.

With this short but handy guide, we are sure that you and your loved ones are now more than equipped and safe to finally go on your postponed getaways! You all deserve to take a breather. Remember to stay safe but also to have fun!

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