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4 Things that Should Be in Your Travel Kit for Out-of-Town Vacations

Whether this is your first vacation or just one of the countless getaways you have already had, it is always important to have a consistent set of travel kit essentials ready at your disposal. Don’t worry! We did the needed research and came up with a list of necessities you should always include in your bag when traveling out of town, especially to your favorite home resort in Puerto Princesa – Astoria Palawan. This will help you achieve that organized and hassle-free vacation experience.

Hand Sanitizer or Alcohol

Always make sure to bring a handy bottle of alcohol or sanitizer with you. Keeping your hands clean and spotless will help protect you from different viruses and bacteria that you might encounter along the way. This is also one of your biggest armors against the dreaded COVID-19.

First Aid Kit

Including a first aid kit in your travel essentials is one of the smartest things to do. It will not only help you deal with minor scratches and cuts but will also help you fight normal travel health woes like food poisoning and diarrhea. Just to be safe, your first aid kit should include bandages, gauzes, adhesives, antiseptics, and basic medicines. Hotels usually have first aid kits of their own but having one will come in handy should you need them during transit.


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Just because you’re out and about does not mean you’re excused from taking your vitamins. Remember, doing so will help your body get the proper nutrition it needs and give you that much-needed energy boost perfect for the long days of exploring ahead. Don’t know what to bring? Vitamin D is a great option. It will help protect your skin from the harmful sun rays especially if you are going to a tropical destination. Vitamin C is also a staple among many for being an immune system booster.

Disinfecting wipes

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Nowadays, catching the flu or a virus while traveling has become more rampant. So, make sure that your hands, your seat, and everything around you are well sanitized before you touch them. Aside from that, disinfecting wipes can also help you cool down after a long day under the sun.

Indeed, your safety is our top priority. That’s why we’ve come up with this list of must-bring travel essentials for all types of vacations. Aside from timeshare scams and other schemes, viruses have also become widespread, so just to be sure, always include these 4 items in your travel kit. More than anything, the Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc. (AVLCI) family wants to guarantee your health and safety. Better be safe than sorry, after all! Make sure to read more about self-help tips, Astoria Palawan promos, and other membership perks through the AVLCI blog page.

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Stay safe and enjoy your travels!

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