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Travel Smart: How To Save Money on the Go

Travelling is very popular in today’s social media climate. With easy access to posts, videos, and blogs highlighting the best places to visit around the country and the globe, more and more people are opening themselves to a whole new world of travel experiences. If you have a lot of unfulfilled #travelgoals, join Astoria Palawan as we look at the best ways to travel smart.

Travel Lighter and Smarter

You can save a lot more if you pack light. Airlines offer cheaper seats when you have no check-in baggage or sport one that’s just a hand-carry. A five-kilo hand-carry or a medium-sized backpack is more than enough for a week-long smart travel stint! Additionally, you should also take note of the times when you plan to depart. An industry hack is that flight prices tend to be lower when the departure time is during non-peak hours like 12 midnight or at 1 in the morning. If that sounds far too early for you to depart: just sleep once you’re on board!

DIY Your Smart Travel

Another key to smart travel is ‘doing-it-yourself’. Bring your own refillable water bottle. You would be surprised how much you will be able save as bottled water can be overpriced at popular tourist spots. Fill up your water bottle at the hotel you are staying in every time you have to go out. Not only is this budget-friendly, but it is also good for the environment.

Travel With a Friend

Travelling with a friend is also a great way to travel smart as it cuts all your expenses in half! Not only do you get someone who can take your travel photos, but you’ll also get someone you can split all the bills with. Moreover, tour packages become cheaper when the group is bigger too, so bring more friends along! When it comes to places to eat and visit, asking the locals is always a great idea. Locals know the best and most worthwhile places to go to. There are also websites and applications that offer food and hotel discounts, so always be on the lookout.

Plan Your Tours

Actually getting to your hotel or resort can be challenging if it’s your first time there, make sure that you inquire with your chosen resort whether they provide transfer services from the nearby seaport or airport. These are not only very convenient but far safer than braving the hectic commute. Should you wish to view the vistas and sights around your vacation spot, it’s also very smart to book through your resort’s built-in tours and activities office–they offer the best prices and most affordable means of getting around..

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