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Want to Plan the Perfect Beach Wedding? Shore Thing!

As a country now blessed with over 7,600 islands, it only seems natural that more and more Filipinos are choosing to tie the knot with gorgeous seascapes as the backdrop to their weddings. But planning a beach wedding in the Philippines is not a task for the faint-hearted bride-to-be. Yes, you’ve probably done enough browsing through images of celebrity couples and their picture-perfect, tropical wedded bliss, but the real success story is how it came to be.

To help you plan the beach wedding of your dreams, here are a few things to consider:

1. The Date

Knowing when the big day will be should be priority numero uno if a beach wedding is what you’re aiming for. Penciling in a date can help you move forward with other tasks like checking on the weather, coming up with an initial draft of the guest list, and deciding on the venue. It’ll be much easier for you, too, to find out the availability of venues if you already have a date in mind.

2. The Venue

Speaking of the venue – while it’s important to consider if the place will look great in photos, it’s equally crucial to see if it fits your ideal destination wedding without sacrificing comfort. Would space be able to accommodate the number of guests you have in mind? Is the sand fine or rocky? Is there enough natural shade or will you need to have a patio-like set-up built? If you’re having trouble deciding, top beach wedding destinations include Puerto Princesa, Boracay, and Balesin.

3. The Guest List

Now that you have your date and your venue finalized, it’s time to revisit the guest list. Remember, a destination wedding means not everyone can attend. You need to first work out the when and where so that it gives you the liberty to inform your guests in advance. This, in turn, will allow them to free up their schedules or at least see if they can make it or not.

4. The Dress Code

Leave the ball gown where it belongs. Any beach wedding is only really successful if everyone involved is comfortable and that’s definitely something you won’t feel if you go for the big wedding gown or the traditional tuxedo. Dress accordingly and go for lighter fabrics, so you won’t feel like you’re melting in hundred-degree weather throughout the ceremony nor have difficulty moving around. Same goes for your guests. For ideas, you can check out this article on the wedding website The Knot.

5. The Hair and Make-up

Even if you hold your beach wedding an hour before the sun sets (like most planners suggest), there is still no way you can predict how the weather would go. This is why you should always opt for lighter makeup that won’t cake or would require constant touch-ups. For hair, make sure to go for a look that’s not too heavy on hairspray. If possible, go for a simple up-do or fishtail braid that’s manageable the whole night.

6. The Invitation

For destination weddings, your invitation should include not just the date, time, and venue but also a map of the venue and notes on how they can have the best time on your special day. If you can afford it, make it an invitation kit containing flip-flops, a fan, and a small bottle of sunscreen for the ultimate beat-the-heat welcome bag.

7. The Decor

The great thing about having a beach wedding in the Philippines is that you already have a breathtaking backdrop, so you can go easy on the decors. Just choose a few pieces that would highlight the beauty of your chosen venue or look at the natural wonders around you and take inspiration from its magnificent color palette.

8. The Permits

Lastly, do not forget to ask the local government and the resort itself if there are any additional permits required before you go through with the ceremony. This is especially important if you want your beach wedding to be a private celebration. If you’re planning to have alcohol, fireworks, or bonfires, make sure that’s allowed, too.

Before we conclude this article, one very last underrated advice- have a backup plan. Outdoor weddings are much more vulnerable to unexpected weather changes, so having a contingency plan guarantees that no matter what happens, the day will end with you and your partner exchanging vows.

There you go! Eight very simple items to put on your list; once you have these basics covered, then you’re good to go for a lifetime of adventures as husband and wife. Oh, and if Puerto Princesa is one of your top beach wedding venues, just contact us here at Astoria Palawan and we’d love to be part of your special day! Our Mangrove Conference and Convention Center can even accommodate more than 450 guests and is fully equipped with audio-visual equipment for a wedding reception that’s all about food, fun, and dancing!

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